August 26, 2020

Introducing: The Pacific Adjustable

Flawless recessed ceiling downlight with 360 degree rotation.

This eagerly anticipated adjustable version of our coveted Pacific Exterior downlight, is a fully adjustable recessed ceiling downlight that has a 360-degree rotating mechanism; a feature scarcely found in maritime lighting.  

The design boast a flawless aesthetic with no visible fixing, gives full control of illumination, and boast three beam angles to light key features of the exterior scheme precisely.  

Maintaining an IP65, the this new model's installation is simple thanks to the first-fix housing with twist & lock mechanism; allowing all maintenance to be carried out from below the ceiling without removing ceiling panels – a detail championed by installers and crew.  

The fitting is provided with industry leading LED technology in 2700K as standard, with other colour temperatures available upon request.  A mirror 316L hand-polished stainless steel finish is offered as standard, however as this product is designed and manufactured in-house in our own factory, it can be customised to meet the scheme brief.  

From different cable lengths and special plugs to bespoke materials and finishes, please get in touch to discuss the exact project requirements.  

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